The Best Hair Regrowth Products

The Best Hair Regrowth Products

Regenepure has a shampoo, hair and scalp treatment, biotin conditioner, biotin supplement (29 ingredients), minoxidil spray, and a minoxidil spray for women.

HairMax has a shampoo, conditioner, hair booster + nutrients, pro scalp infusion and two laser hair regrowth products.  One looks like a large hair band and the other looks like a men’s ball cap.  It looks normal for a woman to wear the laser hair band or for a man to wear the laser ball cap.

My Story


Welcome to Regrow Head Hair!

Many years ago I had a receding hair line. I heard about hair transplants so I booked an appointment with a hair transplant clinic in Calgary, Alberta.  I spent $3,000 plus tax to get hair follicles from the back of my head transplanted to the front of my head.  I thought that I would have a full head of hair again in a few months.  Yeah, right.


This is Ryan now, 20 years after wasting money on a $3,000 hair transplant surgery.



Can you regrow hair follicles?

If a hair follicle stops producing hair, but has not died yet, it can produce hair again. If the hair follicle dies, it shrivels up and cannot produce hair again. No product or treatment can guarantee to cause dead follicles to produce hair again. That is why results will vary with different individuals. It depends on how many hair follicles have stopped producing hair but are not dead yet and how many follicles have completely died. Those that get great results in reversing hair loss get those results because they started the treatments before the hair follicles died.


I have no idea how long it takes for a hair follicle to die after it stops producing hair. Some testimonials and the before and after pictures of people’s heads suggests that hair follicles produce hair again after not producing any hair for many years. The manufacturers of these products have to put a disclaimer that they cannot guarantee that everyone will get the same results. It could be pricey to try several methods and products, but the sooner you get started, the better chance you have to revitalize your follicles to produce healthy hair again.

Reverse Women’s Hair Loss

Female pattern baldness happens to about two-thirds of women after menopause. Hair growth slows down, and hair gets thinner as the follicles shrink. Women can lose hair from all over their heads. Hormonal imbalance caused by menopause can result in hair loss, so treatments like birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy could help to reverse hair loss. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is recommended as a topical treatment. More treatments are described in my article called “Methods and Products that can Regrow your Head Hair!”

Methods and Products to Regrow your Head Hair

There are many products that can be used to reverse hair loss and regrow hair. Hair transplant surgery is unnecessary and expensive. It only gave me more hair for less than 2 years because I was continuing to lose more hair. With much cheaper products to regrow head hair, results with different people will vary. The best way is to use several methods or products and stick to the ones that produce the best results for you. Most of the products have DHT blockers. DHT is a male sex hormone called dihydrotestosterone that causes male pattern baldness.

Hair Regrowth Vitamins and Supplements

There are too many brands of vitamins and supplements to reverse hair loss. A few good ones are as follows:

– Biotin

– Multivitamins

Folexin: sold online only, has DHT blockers, for men and women, promotes hair growth, no guarantee of reversing hair loss, 60 capsules per bottle, 5 bottles for $120 USD.

– Follisave: sold by Astral Nutrition, DHT blocker capsules, promotes hair regrowth, 3 month supply $140 CAD, free shipping.

Procerin: for men only, can reverse male pattern baldness, DHT blockers, 60 capsules per bottle, 6 bottles are $120 USD, also scalp therapy foam,     can buy either separately or both as a combo, best deal is to buy both for $220 USD for a 6 month supply.

Minoxidil and Finasteride

– Minoxidil: brand name Rogaine. You can buy Rogaine or the Kirkland Minoxidil from a variety of online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. There is also a product called Minoxidil Max. The Kirkland brand has more side effects of a dry, itchy scalp, so you will be scratching your head a lot about the money you saved by not buying Rogaine.

– Finasteride: brand name Proscar and Propecia. You have to buy it from an online pharmacy or get a prescription sent to a local pharmacy for you to pick up. Be your own guinea pig. It has worked for some people.

Laser Hair Regrowth Helmets

Primary brand is iRestore, but there are other brands such as HairMax, illumiFlow, Kiierr, iGrow, and Theradome. Prices vary greatly and some are sold on Amazon and Wish. Good luck on making the right choice. Cheaper than hair surgery, but difficult to say what effect infrared light has on the brain.


Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil, Foam

Number one product is Shapiro MD Hair System. It is 3 DHT blocking products: shampoo, conditioner, and foam for your scalp. $80 USD for one of each, and the price drops if you buy larger quantities. They do not sell capsules, but they have a money back guarantee.

There are many other shampoos that promote hair growth. They can contain biotin, caffeine, vitamins, and other DHT blockers.

Massaging oil into your hair may help to promote hair growth. They are as follows:

– Castor oil

– Coconut oil

– Olive oil

The following oils can be added to oils above to increase results:

– Lavender oil

– Peppermint oil

– Rosemary oil

– Cedarwood oil

– Lemongrass oil

There are many products for sale that combine different oils to promote hair growth.


It costs about $15,000 to $20,000 for a bald man to get a full head of hair by hair transplant surgery. I paid $3,000, so that is why I did not get the desired results. I watched a YouTube video where the man talked about the 6 methods he uses to reverse hair loss. I have mentioned more methods than that. If a person spends $500 per year on regrowth hair products, it would take 40 years to spend $20,000. Same difference, but it is better to spend it over 40 years than all at once at a hair transplant clinic! For male pattern baldness, Procerin for Men is likely the best way to go. With most hair regrowth products, results may vary, so what works good on one person may not work as well on someone else.

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